As the long-time owners of a popular B & B in Newquay, we’ve seen trends come and trends go. But the trend for electric cycles just seems to keep on growing.

Our coastline, of course, is exceptionally beautiful. Our beaches are fabulous, whether you want to engage in watersports or just lounge on the sand doing nothing much except relaxing. But what about inland? The Cornish countryside is rich in variety, packed with wildlife and easy to explore thanks to the latest trend in cleaner, greener transport: electric bicycles.

About electric bicycles

cyclingAn electric bike or ebike is simply a bicycle with an electric motor, designed to help you go further than you would under your own steam. You still have to pedal the machine, otherwise it’d be no different from a motorbike, but the pedal-assist 5technology supports your efforts.

Most people who give it a go say it’s great fun, and the effect is very like having your own personal tailwind with you at all times. Ebikes don’t need vehicle tax, there’s no insurance and you don’t need a driving license to ride one. And you can use them wherever a standard bicycle can go, on the road as well as bridleways and cycle paths.

Electric bikes consume electricity, of course, but it’s far less than the greenest car or motorbike. You don’t give of any nasty fumes because there’s no petrol involved. The distance you can get on one battery charge depends on the terrain, how hilly or not it is, the headwinds and the state of the tyres – the better they’re inflated, the farther you can go. It also depends on your weight and how much you use the motor versus pedalling yourself, all of which a good local ebike hire shop will be able to advise you about.

Why cycle instead of driving?

You could drive around the Cornish countryside. But taking adventures at a slower pace, winding gently through the stunning countryside at human speed, is an entirely different experience. Smelling the flowers along the verges and the lovely country scents, hearing the birds, spotting wildlife, making your way to your destination in a leisurely fashion and having the breeze in your hair all deliver a much more intimate look at our beautiful county and all it has to offer. In other words, you experience the real Cornwall in all its glory, up close and off the beaten track.

Hire electric bikes in and around Newquay

  • Newquay Hire Shop – Oasis Pool Complex, Hendra Holiday Park Lane, Newquay – A good bike hire stock including electric bikes and scooters
  • Velotive – 6 Alma Place, Newquay – Friendly bike experts, ebikes and traditional cycles for hire plus bike repairs
  • Bridge Bike Hire – Kingfishers Rest, The Camel Trail, Wadebridge – Bridge hire has been hiring out bikes since 1983. They’re on the Camel Trail and offer a 400 strong hire bike fleet

Cycle trails around Newquay

The-Cornish-WayThe Cornish Way is part of the National Cycle Network and provides several beautiful inter-linking cycling trails across the county to Land’s End. There are more than 200 miles of cycle trails in total. Newquay itself is is on the National Cycle Route 32, which runs from Lands End to Bodmin via St Austell and Truro, part of a wider route stretching all the way from Bath to Lands End. And there are several bike trails within the Cornish Way itself, all easily accessible from the town, including:

• The St Piran Trail Cycle Route.
• The Camel Trail Cycle Route.
• The First and Last Cycle Trail
You’ll find information about all ten local cycle trails from Newquay Tourist Information Centre.

Discover our wonderful town and countryside on an ebike

If you’re looking for a smart, friendly bed and breakfast in Newquay, you’ve found us. If you fancy discovering our gorgeous town and its surroundings by ebike, the town has plenty to offer. And you can park your hired ebike in our car park, no problem at all.