In early May the Express newspaper claimed we were due searingly hot weather for 2018, a scorcher of a holiday season with a heatwave of blowtorch proportions coming our way in June. As they said, “Freakishly high temperatures are forecast through June as the nation gears up for the first decent holiday season in years.”

Wouldn’t it be lovely! But sadly, there’s no way that the Express or anyone else, not even the Met Office, can predict what the weather’s going to be like that far ahead, to the summer. It’s a tabloid thing, and they’ve basically made it up. In actual fact the weather is an example of a chaotic system, and chaos in this context has a very specific scientific meaning: however good our calculations are, however much information we have, there’s no single answer to what the weather will be like weeks from now. 10-14 days is the outer limit of our predictions. There’s no way to know the exact weather any further ahead, other than providing rough probabilities like, for example, a 75% chance of sun.

With a bit of luck we will see a legendary summer of steamy hot sunshine, blue skies, gentle breezes and balmy nights. But if not, there’s still plenty to do indoors in and around our lovely little seaside town, and Cornwall is small enough to travel from coast to coast in a fairly short time.

Indoor fun in and around Newquay

Just in case the summer goes pear-shaped, here are some cool things to do indoors in and around Newquay.

  • Oasis Fun Pools at Hendra Holiday Park
  • Jungle Jack’s on Treloggan Industrial Estate, a fabulous indoor play centre
  • Soft play at Raze the Roof in Penryn
  • Pirate’s Quest Newquay, complete with talented actors and amazing special effects
  • Healey’s Cornish Cider Farm, between Truro and Newquay
  • Carnglaze Caverns at St Neot
  • The Tropical House at Newquay Zoo
  • The Super Sim Theatre Ride at Camel Creek near wadebridge
  • Take the Bodmin and Wenford railway for traditional steam train fun, or one of Cornwall’s several other many branch line railway trips
  • Visit Bodmin Jail
  • Learn to surf… you’ll get wet anyway!
  • Foodie? We have some splendid restaurants in and out of town, serving gourmet treats
  • Stay in the pub all day – they’re so friendly and welcoming
  • Visit a stately home or castle
  • Explore the magnificent Truro cathedral
  • Experience the Royal Cornwall Museum
  • See Flambards and Helston

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